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Customer Service
For DASQUA group, it’s very important for the customer satisfaction; quality is the vitality of our products, the after service is essential matter in our opinion. In order to meet the needs of customers, we will continue to improve in all aspects.
The DASQUA team will devote itself to developing more products that are needed by customers. new products will be developed and launched every year.
DASQUA's team will regularly train agents which will enable our agents in order to offer better service of the terminal client.
The research and development of DASQUA measuring instrument will improve the compatibility of equipment and make the series of product systems can be used at the same time. We are also willing to provide customers with a complete set of measurement system solutions.
We hope to hear the suggestions from you as our most loyal customer. Please leave your name and contact information, we will give you feedback as quickly as we can.
Whether you are in any country or anywhere in the world, we know that you are part of DASUQA team, we are growing together.
If you have any requirements, please send us an email to:
Or contact us on SKYPE. We will sincerely serve you.
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